Incredible Imagery


You’ve just read a book that’s left you awe-struck.
Every scene was so vivid, every description so creative, and you are simply blown away by the author’s talent.
Then you look at your half-written manuscript, cringe, and find yourself wondering:
“How do they do it? How can I write as well as they do?”

As part of a series of workshops, I’ve created the Incredible Imagery workshop.

In it, you will discover:
✍️ The difference between standard descriptions and cinematic descriptions.
✍️ Exclusive words and techniques to make your imagery unfold like a movie in reader’s minds.
✍️ Mistakes to avoid when it comes to imagery.
✍️ Exclusive writing exercises to help sharpen your imagery writing skills.


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Get all five workshops in the series for just $75 (save $60)


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