Your job is to write the story

My job is to get people reading it.

Here’s the deal—you’re an uh-mazing writer.

You know how to make your readers have #AllTheFeels, hook them on your plot, and obsess over your characters.

You have totally got this whole ‘fiction writing’ thing down.

But… when it comes to publishing it? Getting it out there? Trying to market and build a brand? You don’t have a clue where to start and you wish people would just pick up your book already!

That’s where I come in, friend.

Hi there! I’m Pagan and I’m a fiction author coach helping aspiring authors like you to tell & sell their story.

Being an author doesn’t have to be a starving artist struggle. My mission is to bridge the gap that’s stopping writers from achieving authorship by helping them to finish their book, publish, and build an author brand.

As a bestselling author who has always been writing, I understand the desire to live a creative, fulfilling and exciting life on a deeper level.

Furthermore, I’ve created a lifestyle and brand that supports my creativity and writing—so I have the time and energy to write, and the freedom and flexibility to launch new books and do book tours at the drop of a hat.

^^^ If you’d love to have this too, then I think we should chat! 😉

Ready to get started? 👇

Free Trainings:

How To Create A Virtual Release Day Party For Your Book

  • I built my entire author brand and biz purely through online connections.
  • This is how my book became a bestseller and how I got invited to speak internationally in NYC.
  • You can do it too with just an internet connection--so discover how to make big impact and reach more readers (with zero costs) using virtual book launch parties.

How I Wrote A Book In A Week (+ Five Secrets To Help You Do The Same)

  • Do you struggle to get motivated to sit down and write each day?
  • Or maybe you just feel like your book is taking forever to write.
  • Did you know that on a good day, I can average 10k words? And more than once, I've finished writing a book in a single week!
  • Even if you don't write 10k words a day, your book doesn't have to take years. Discover five secrets that help me write faster in this free training.

Monthly Membership

  • The Authorpreneur Kingdom, offers an introductory level of coaching and support for aspiring authors on a budget.
  • Access masterclasses on publishing, book marketing, author branding and more, as well as weekly group coaching for just $29.00/mth.

Join a community of authors just like you!

  • Happily Ever Author is a supportive Facebook Group where writers can set weekly writing goals, seek writing, publishing & marketing help, and promote themselves.
  • It's also a safe space to find trusted editors, cover designers and other industry professionals. Want in?