Your job is to write the story

My job is to get people reading it.

Here’s the deal—you’re an uh-mazing writer.

You know how to make readers feel some shit, hook them on your plot, and obsess over your characters.

You have totally got this whole ‘fiction writing’ thing down, fam.

But… when it comes to actually convincing people to read your book? You kind of wish they would just pick it up already so they can see why it’s so freaking good!

But instead, you’ve gotta try to convince them and—if we’re being honest—it feels totally sleazy and gross.

That’s where I come in, friend.

Hi there! I’m Pagan and I’m a copywriter and coach helping fiction authors tell & sell their story.

Not only am a bestselling fiction author with two creative writing degrees (so I totally get what being a writer is all about)—but I’m kind of obsessed with selling books and helping writers find their soulmate readers.

I know how much work goes into creating a novel, and it deserves to be read. Believe me when I say this—your soulmate readers are out there, and with my help they’ll be reading your books in no time.

Ready to sell your book and reach more readers? 👇

"Copywriting = copyright, right?"
  • Copywriting actually refers to the art of writing, like, super powerful text for advertisements and publicity material.
  • It's the missing ingredient resulting in your book promotion feeling salesy, and repelling your readers--but together, we can change that!

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What I Can Do For You...


  • • Enticing Book Blurbs (hint: if it exceeds 300 words, it's too long) 
  • • #PitMad Pitches (my bestselling novel was the result of a #PitMad pitch 😉)
  • • Website Copy 
  • • Press Releases
  • • Professional Author Bios
  • • Book Launch Campaign Copy (social media + email marketing sorted!) 
  • And more, of course!

Author Career Coaching:

  • • Guidance on writing & publishing 
  • • Tailored resources and help 
  • • Motivation, assistance and accountability 
  • • A clear road-map to succeeding at YOUR writing career

These 10 methods will attract your soulmate readers and massively increase your sales.