You’re a busy AF boss with an exciting new program you wanna launch.

But running a company doesn’t leave you with a lot of time (nor fucks to give) when it comes to writing your own sales copy.

Sure, you *could* do it, and it’s certainly gotten you this far… but to be honest, you’re craving more expansion:

  • In your business—you’ve got ambitious income goals on lock and a fast growing team to manage.
  • In your life—you’ve missed too many precious family moments and travel opportunities to spend one more late night scraping together a sales page.
  • In your client’s results—you crave more time and energy to support your clients in getting massive results (after all, it’s your heart and soul mission).

...and none of that is possible when you’re feeling at capacity in the back-end of your biz!

(Plus, the longer you leave your sales copy & email sequences outdated, the more money you're losing as potential clients aren't interacting with the most current, energetically aligned version of YOU!)

The good news is, it's really easy to outsource your copy to a professional who can save you time and articulate your offers from a more objective standpoint so that it converts better and increases your conversions.

That, my friend, is where I come in.

Hey, I’m Pagan,

...and I’m not like most entrepreneurs.

You being a successful biz owner, I wouldn’t be surprised if you dabbled in girl scout cookie selling or running a lemonade stand as a kid.

But when I was a kid, I wrote and illustrated a book.

Then I did it again, and again… until I graduated high school with a publishing contract, became a bestselling author at age 21, and now have seven published books out in the world.

I’m a natural storyteller with a knack for sales (see: two diplomas and four years of marketing experience up my sleeve.)

Nothing lights me up more than using my creative writing gifts, and as a fellow entrepreneur I realised that I could close the gap so many people struggle with when it comes to writing copy that converts.

I am especially drawn to high level coaching brands and inspirational thought leaders, and wanted to be part of delivering that high touch experience for your clients (which starts on the front end with your copy and content *wink*.)



This is for the busy and fast-scaling biz owner looking to launch a new or existing offer, and wanting to draw in soul-level clients in alignment with the growing vision of their company.

I’ll magic you up a high quality sales page using persuasive copy, storytelling and a proven structure that communicates the incredible value of your offer, deeply resonates with your client, and guides them towards working with you (because quite frankly, the thought of doing all this yourself is exhauuuusting, am I right? Go relax by the pool, babe.)


  • 1 x detailed questionnaire + complimentary call so that we can fully explore your project requirements and nail the vision, messaging and outcome of your copy.
  • 1 x high converting sales page designed to resonate with ideal clients and communicate your offer value clearly.
  • PLUS an annotated version with layout and structuring tips for your web designer.
  • Up to 3 x revisions.
  • BONUS: 1 x week’s worth of social media posts repurposed from the sales page (because I’m extra like that.)

"When I heard Pagan was going to offer these services, I jumped on the chance. With her help, I am now presenting my book and brand more professionally, and even better – getting more conversions!" 

- Rebecca K. Sampson, Author
(Copywriting Client)

"I would absolutely recommend this service to others! The questionnaire was a little intimidating for someone just starting out, but with Pagan’s help, she made answering those questions as smooth as can be, either by giving examples or rewording the jumble in my brain.

She kept in contact by sending updates and requesting clarification, which is greatly appreciated, and the delivery was pleasantly swift.

I loved the matter-of-fact tone while still being pleasant with a bit of fun, and I laughed at the wording because it was something I would totally say. Definitely met my expectations and then some.”

- Susan Whittaker, Proofreader
(Copywriting Client)


This is perfect for newer biz owners who are testing offers or gearing up for a big launch. Together, we're going to tweak and refine your sales emails and sales copy to effectively upsell your offers and sell out your launches!

This package includes an audit of your existing materials + a complete overhaul of your opt-in page, sales page and email sequence. We can also kick off from scratch if you have a passive income offer lying around that you'd like to start selling through an email sequence.

Check out how it works below!


  • 1 x detailed questionnaire + complimentary call so that we can fully explore your project requirements and nail the vision, messaging and outcome of your copy.
  • 1 x thorough audit of each working piece of the sales funnel (including lead magnet, opt-in page, email sequence, main offer and sales page.)
  • Feedback, suggestions, overhauls and newly copywritten versions of all of your materials (depending on what needs to be done) to prime each piece for higher conversions and ensure it guides customers towards a sale.
  • Up to 2 x revisions.

Note: copy tweaks and suggestions start at $800, but if also you need a freshly written sales page to ensure the entire sequence converts, the price will be closer to $2k.


Has updating your sales pages, email sequences and opt-in pages been sitting on your to-do list for like, ever?

This is your chance to tick them off, start drawing in soulmate level clients, and finally present the most current, energetically aligned version of your brand.

A VIP day means you can send me any combination of copy projects you need done, and get them back in a fast, 48 hour turnaround.

"After working with [Pagan], my copy sounds infinitely better, to the point where I’m actually excited and confident about it, and my ads have started converting a lot better."

- Allison Rose, Author
(Copywriting Client)


  • Sales page + launch sales emails
  • Up to two email sequences (e.g. welcome sequence, passive income offer upsell, warmup sequence, etc.)
  • Up to 3 x sales pages
  • Freebie + tripwire pages

Or, get in touch to request your own combination of inclusions.


  • 1 x detailed questionnaire + complimentary call so that we can fully explore your project requirements and nail the vision, messaging and outcome of your copy.
  • Your choice of sales copy projects, written and delivered within 48 hours.
  • Annotated versions of sales/landing pages with layout and structuring tips for your web designer.
  • A walkthrough video that goes into more detail about the written copy to ensure you completely understand the deliverables.
  • Up to 3 x revisions in a collaborative document.

Here's how it works:

1) We schedule the VIP Day and you fill out the questionnaire.

2) The morning of the VIP Day, we jump on a quick Zoom call to go over the project requirements and settle any last minute questions.

3) I disappear for the day and work on all of your chosen copy projects, ensuring each one is crafted to strategically sell and deeply resonate with your clients.

4) I'll record a walkthrough video explaining all of the copy in detail, and provide annotated versions of sales pages for your web designer.

5) You'll receive the copy that evening, and if you need any revisions done, we can work on collaborative edits in a Google Doc the following day until you're 100% happy with it.


This steal-of-a-deal package is for the 6 figure business owner who values their time, and wants their launch to be nothing short of exponential.

You need quality sales copy that reflects the scale and energy of your rapidly growing company and brings in next-level conversions.

My goal is to reduce your overwhelm and stress by helping you pull together ALL of your launch materials quickly. I’ll work closely with you and your team to ensure you have everything you need for a seamless, easy launch.

“Pagan has been providing online digital services and marketing for QIT Plus for over 12 months. Pagan is very efficient and resourceful. Her work is exceptional and has been of great value to our software company. I recommend her services.”

- Chris Madsen, CEO
(Copywriting Client)

With this package, you’ll save so much time, energy and resources during your launch, PLUS you’ll keep your operating expenses low (you’re welcome in advance.)


  • 1 x detailed questionnaire + complimentary call so that we can fully explore your project requirements and nail the vision, messaging and outcome of your copy.

Up to 5 high converting pages ($5,000 value)

  • 1 x sales page to communicate your offer and increase high quality conversions.
  • 1 x tripwire page to maximise your sales and qualify leads.
  • 1 x thank you / confirmation page to pair with your tripwire.
  • 1 x lead magnet page to help you promote your upcoming offer.
  • 1 x confirmation page to pair with your lead magnet.
  • PLUS annotated versions with layout and structuring tips for your web designer.

Up to 25 strategic emails ($7,000 value)

  • Launch leadup emails (designed to tease and hype your offer.)
  • Lead magnet emails (designed to take leads from confirmation through to offer purchase.)
  • Sales emails (including cart open, cart closing, and objection overcoming emails.)

Up to 28 additional content pieces ($7,000 value)

  • 16 x social media posts designed to sell your offer (pre-launch to cart closing.)
  • 6 x lead magnet promotion posts to drive high quality leads.
  • 4 x posts promoting aligned blogs and/or podcast episodes so that you can connect all your content pieces intentionally during your launch.
  • 2 x posts promoting your tripwire / intro offer to maximise sales and qualify leads.
  • Up to 5 x revisions.

(TOTAL VALUE = $19,000)


Let's schedule a quick time to chat about your project needs:


“Okay, but do I even need a sales page these days? Selling on Insta stories has already gotten me to 6 figures…”

Here’s the thing: Your brand-wide sales copy is so much more than just a strategic selling tool.

It’s a reflection of the life-changing work you do.

It’s infused with your energy and personality.

It’s got polish that presents your core values.

Your energy is what people are really buying into, which is what makes great sales copy so captivating for your ideal client!

Presenting yourself like the premium coach you know you are across your entire online presence? That’s how you’re going to maintain your energy as you step into becoming a known industry leader, make more money doing less, and have your online-real estate (ahem: copy and content) do the work for you.

My goal is to help you expand your brand with sales copy that:

  • Increases conversions like hot-cakes.
  • Calls in more soul-drawn, ideal clients.
  • Helps you present your entire online presence cohesively.
  • Supports your big launches intentionally.

Whether that’s through an enticing sales page or the full-scope of your launch copy, I’m ready to work with you:


  • You’re a coach, consultant, service provider, creative, or other type of online biz owner.
  • You’re finally stepping into your CEO shoes (delegation time!)
  • You’re looking for a copywriter to work with you as your company grows.
  • You’re launching something (duh).
  • You know you have an incredible, fully tested and clear offer.
  • You want your time back for things you’d rather be doing.
  • You want to present yourself like the premium coach you know you are.
  • You want your copy and content to work harder so you don’t have to.


  • You’re only just getting started and don't have clarity on your clients, messaging and offers yet.
  • You currently value money more than time saved.
  • You’re happy to keep playing small with your brand, visibility, impact and sales.
  • You don’t believe in content marketing or see the value in hiring a professional copywriter.
  • You love spending late nights in your biz doing it all yourself.

Here’s some other stuff you should know real quick:

  • I’m not an agency—I’m just a really fast writer who LOVES to write and has been doing it my whole life. Which means all your copy will be written by me AND you’ll get it back in a matter of days.
  • That being said, I don’t just write copy—I also coach authors, write books, and keep a pretty tight nap schedule. So while I *can* get your copy back quickly, you’ll still need to actually book in before we can kick off, and that means you need to apply now (not next week.)
  • When you book my Expand Your Brand Launch Package, you’re not just getting a copywriter, but a seasoned launcher who knows exactly what kind of copy and content will get your clients from discovering you to jumping confidently into your program.



If you need a one off job (like web copy / about pages / just email funnels) or want add ons one of my existing packages, I’m more than happy to chat!

When you fill out the application, you can tell me about your specific project needs, and we can jump on a call to discuss options and whether it fits my current skills.


1) Fill out the application & jump on a call.

2) Payment & onboarding (includes your questionnaire + complimentary call.)

3) I write all the copy and send you version 1 for revisions and feedback.

4) Tweaks if needed (plus a follow up call if desired.)

5) Final delivery & offboarding.


Since 2017. I’ve written web copy, email copy, funnels, emails and opt-ins, but found my speciality to be in sales pages and emails. We can defs chat about other projects (like about pages), but if you want gold, then copy for launches is where I perform best.


If you’re looking for someone who can take everything written off your hands and deliver it quickly (we’re talking 2 - 3 day turnaround) so that you can have a smooth and spacious launch schedule, hit me up.

(P.S: No, I don’t charge rush fees. I’m just a naturally fast writer--it’s one of my superpowers.)


How about I audit your sales copy instead and ensure it’s primed for high conversions? Click here to enquire.


Cinder (short for Cinderella), but she’s more interested in naps than attending any balls.


Sure! Send me an email here:



I know that you’re eager as a beaver to outsource your copy to the right person.

The best part of hiring me as your copywriter is that everything is going to feel so easeful during your launch. You’ll know that it’s all being taken care of, and you’ll be fully supported throughout the process (so you can be confident in the final delivery.)

Simply fill out my quick application form to get started: