My monthly membership providing an introductory level of coaching and support for aspiring authors on a budget.

Tell me if this is you...

You aspire to become a published author, but you don't have a clue how to go about it or where to start.

All you want to do is write books, but you're not sure how you'll ever be able to balance writing with a day job.

You're tired of setting writing related goals, but having them fall on the backburner when something comes up.

What if I told you that you didn't have to do this alone?

  • I've know you've consumed hundreds of blogs and videos, but there's so much information out there and a lot of it is contradicting. No wonder you're feeling overwhelmed.
  • I know that there are authors who you follow and admire, but you can't see yourself ever having the success and freedom that they have. It's just not possible when you're still in your day job and only making a few book sales at best.
  • I know you're a little embarassed to admit that fear of failure has held you back from showing up, taking the leap and pursuing your publishing dreams... more than once.

I completely understand what you're going through because I was you.

My name is Pagan and I'm a business coach specialising in helping authors to understand the business side of publishing and create their dream lives.

In 2014, I graduated high school with a publishing contract on my first query attempt ever (a process that's meant to take years!)

But after my publisher went bankrupt, I went on to self-publish—only for my book launch to completely flop due to the lack of clear information out there for authors.

At the time, I had no idea what I did wrong, no idea how to fix it, and I'd never felt more stuck in my life.

I remember sitting in my childhood bedroom, staring at my social media every night and wondering how to build my readership and get people to buy my book.

I didn't know what to do next, and I wished that I had a trusted mentor who could get me back on track. But I didn't have thousands of dollars lying around to invest in a coach.

Regardless, I decided I wasn't going to let anyone else struggle the way I had, and went on to learn everything there was to know about bettering my book launches.

As of today I'm a bestselling author whose been invited to speak internationally, been featured in 20+ publications and media, and I've helped aspiring authors just like you to triple their book launch results. 

If you know what you want to achieve, but you don't know what next step to take, then your next step needs to be getting clear on the pathway to get there.

That's exactly why I created
The Authorpreneur Kingdom Membership:

The Authorpreneur Kingdom:

  • Gives you coaching support at a low price point.
  • Empowers you to learn about all areas of authorship (e.g. writing, publishing, marketing, branding, business and more).
  • Surrounds you with ambitious, likeminded authors at all stages of their careers within a supportive community.

"When I released my first book, I didn't have any help with my copy or marketing. With Pagan's help, I released my second book with more than triple the success of my first!

I wanted accountability and a community of writers to discuss problems and challenges with. Being a part of a community helps motivate and keep me on track."

- Allison Rose, #1 bestselling author of Tales Of An Outcast Faerie

The Authorpreneur Kingdom is the exact support system I wish I'd had starting out as an author.

You should join this membership if:

  • You're struggling to write your first book and could use some accountability and support.
  • You're ready to stop playing small and start taking writing seriously.
  • You're looking to traditionally AND/OR self-publish (we support both here!)
  • You're lacking direction for your author career and need to get clear on your next step.
  • You've been trying to get established as an author for some time but you're still unknown.
  • You've got ambitious dreams for your author brand and want to surround yourself with examples of what's possible.
  • You could benefit from the guidance of an experienced author and coach who writes and publishes full-time.
  • You're a fiction author (this is the only program I have that is fiction author specific).

Get clear on your next steps through:

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Ongoing coaching support and accountability to help you uncover your next steps and stay on track with goals.

Quarterly Masterclasses

Instant access to all previous masterclasses, as well as future ones for the duration of your membership.

Storyteller Session Intensives

FREE, 1:1 Storyteller Session Intensives with me (usually $797) to help you with your current WIP.

Content Review Threads

Have your book blurbs, query letters, marketing and website copy reviewed by me for detailed feedback.

What to expect:

  • 3 x monthly group coaching calls from someone who's gone from aspiring to full-time author in just 3 short years.
  • Access to a growing, binge-worthy vault of masterclasses covering a wide range of authorship topics so that you can master multiple skills.
  • A supportive community of likeminded authors who will inspire and motivate you to show up for your goals every single day.
  • TONS of insider knowledge, strategies and tips that will shave years of trial and error off of your author journey.
  • Exclusive member's only pricing for my other programs and courses (saving you hundreds of dollars).


Here's *exactly* what you get as a member...

  • Weekly authorship coaching calls ($900 value)
  • Quarterly classes + instant access to the content vault ($1,029 value)
  • FREE, monthly Storyteller Sessions ($797 value)
  • Feedback via the monthly content review thread ($100 value)
  • High vibe membership community (Priceless)

Total monthly value = $2,826

But your investment is much less...


Pay Monthly


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Is this right for you? Let's check:


"I'm only just starting out in authorship. Is it too soon to join?"

Nope, it's actually the perfect time for you to join!

What most newer authors don't realise is that publishing is a business, and the sooner you gain an understanding of all the different roles an author takes on, the better equipped you'll be to tackle them. It's exactly why this membership covers such a broad scope of topics, including querying, publishing, marketing and branding (just to name a few).


"I've got a few books out already. Can this still help me?"

Yes, if you're still struggling to make consistent book sales and balance writing with a day job.

Many of my members have used this membership to stay accountable while growing their backlist to a profitable place over a number of years. It's a great way to maintain cost-effective, ongoing support until you're ready to take those bigger steps.


"What if I'm a service provider for authors?"

There is a place for you in here (many of my members also do editing, coaching or formatting on the side). We've done a few calls in the past that would HUGELY benefit you (such as our 2 Hour Money Mindset Discussion).


"How is this different to private coaching?"

The membership supports you across a broad range of authorly topics (e.g. learning about book publishing), and it's less personalised. I recommend it to authors who are starting out, aren't 100% clear on what next step to take, and need a low-level investment to feel supported and explore their options.

Private coaching supports you deeply with a specific goal (e.g. launching your book from start to finish) and is highly personalised. I recommend it to authors who know exactly what their next step is and want to go all in pursuing it.


"What if I can't find the time to use this membership?"

This membership is designed to have a low level committment with a high level impact. If you have 1 - 2 hours a week, you have enough time to use this membership.

It doesn't matter if you show up live to the calls, or catch the replays in your own time. It doesn't matter if you watch 1 masterclass per week or binge them all as soon as they hit your inbox. The membership is self-paced and flexible enough that you can make it work for you, so long as you're prepared to find some time each week.

And, let's be honest... if you haven't been finding the time to pursue your authorly goals, well, nothing's going to change until you intentionally start making time for it. What better way to build that habit than to show up for this membership?


"I just can't afford this right now."

I know committing to a monthly investment can feel scary, but let me ask you this: what is your author dream worth to you? What would you give to make it a reality?

I know that this matters to you, and the only way you're going to get where you want to go with it is to prioritise it. If you need support on your author journey, acknowledge that and take decisive action!

The truth is that you could totally spend hours figuring all this out on your own, but that’s time you’ll never get back. That might not seem like a big deal now, but it will when you look back in five years and realise how much further ahead you could have been. You can step into authorship right now, you don't have to wait for the stars to align first (and little hint? that's not going to happen anyway).

Plus, the majority of my members have been inside for over a year because they find it *that* valuable to stick around and get support. As for the rest? They left when they outgrew it, because you can cancel anytime. There’s no risk at all in joining for a month and seeing it’s worth your dime, but you lose by default if you never jump in and try it.

"I LOVE the Authorpreneur Kingdom. Pagan is a great coach, I like that we check in each week, and I feel as though I've gotten to know the participating members.

Since joining the membership I decided to bite the bullet and start self-publishing!!"

- Heather Hataley, author

"Absolutely love it. Always someone to help you and being able to submit questions for help is a great way to learn as well as knowing you aren't alone."

- Rhianne Williams, fantasy author

"The membership is an absolutely PRICELESS investment!

Even if I would have never invested in 1:1s with you, you share so much knowledge with regular posts, lives, masterminds, and the monthly group calls that it would be crazy not to join.

The other authors in the group ask amazing questions and are super helpful with opinions as well, and the content review thread is invaluable for second opinions!

When I first joined the membership I went from being confused and knowing nothing to knowing the next steps I had to take just off of one mastermind, alone!"

- S. W. Raine , steampunk author


Pay Monthly


Pay Quarterly



+ How much access do I get to you personally? 

You get 3 x group coaching calls a month with me, but you also have access to the membership community where you can ask questions and seek help from me.

+ How long do I get to keep the contents of the membership? 

For as long as you decide to maintain your membership for.

+ How is the content delivered? 

The masterclasses and group calls are delivered live in a private Facebook Group community.

However, there is also a member's area hosted externally from Facebook where you can access all the masterclasses after they've aired live.

All other threads (e.g. content review) are posted within the private Facebook Group.

+ How do the group calls work?

At the start of each week, a thread gets posted with the call dates & times. You can use each week's thread to ask questions in advance if you can't make the call live.

At the end of the week, at the scheduled time, I conduct the call and answer the questions. Then, the call is pinned at the top of the group for everyone to access. This enables people to watch the replay at any time.

+ What masterclasses are waiting for me inside the membership? 

You can view a detailed list of every single class by clicking here.

+ Do you offer refunds? 

Due to the nature of the course content, I do not offer refunds.

You can cancel your membership anytime and you will retain access to the group until the next month's payment is due.

+ Aw man, my question isn't listed here! 

No worries—just send an email to my team via and we will be in touch!