Savvy Social Media Bootcamp


Savvy Social Media Bootcamp is my 1 month-long program where I’ll be sharing quick-to-consume video trainings to help you learn the secrets to succeeding on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as an author.

You’ll get strategies and tips to help you build an authentic following, increase your reach, and attract new readership.

I know that you’re…

– Overwhelmed trying to keep up with all these social media platforms.

– Frustrated with the lack of results.

– Ready to start getting genuine likes, shares, and comments for the content you share.

– But most importantly–you’re ready for it to become fun and easy!

Over the course of September, you’ll get:

 9 video trainings ($5,400 value)

 4 weekly, live Q&A sessions

 Private mastermind group access ($1,000 value), and…

 Handy-dandy resources to help you master your social media marketing, build a stronger presence, and find your FLOW!

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Week One – Instagram 

D1) Explaining Instagram + how to use it as an author

D2) How to visually attract people to your Instagram feed.

D3) How to grow organically with a genuine, engaged audience.

Week Two – Twitter 

D1) Explaining Twitter + how to use it as an author

D2) Creating an effective visibility strategy

D3) Exploring engagement tactics for Twitter

Week Three – Facebook 

D1) Explaining Facebook + how to use it as an author

D2) Strategy and growth tips for Facebook

D3) Page optimisation tips + advice for growing groups

Savvy Social Media Bootcamp is for you if:

  • You want to find the social media platform that just clicks with you.
  • You want to know what kind of content attracts YOUR ideal reader.
  • You want to learn how to grow an engaged audience.
  • You’re ready to create content from a place of flow and fun, not desperation and stress.
  • You’re ready to see real results.


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