Book launch course-meets-mastermind in this lifetime access program where you’re going to learn how to publish, launch and sell your books with ease and profit!

After months and years of hard work, it’s finally happened: you’ve finally finished your book, and you’re ready to get it out into the world.

But you never thought publishing would be this hard:

  • You’ve spent endless hours researching answers to complicated publishing questions.
  • You’re more confused than ever thanks to countless, conflicting approaches and strategies.
  • Everything about marketing and sales is new to you as a writer, and it feels daunting.
  • You’re losing too much writing time trying to manage your publishing and marketing to-dos and balance all the different authorship hats.
  • Maybe, you’ve already lost your money and time to a previously flopped book release.
  • And worst of all? You have NO IDEA how you’re going to generate enough consistent book sales to quit your job and go full-time as an author when at best, you’re selling less than a hundred books per year.

So it’s official: you need a solid strategy for publishing with EASE, for launching PROFITABLY, and a proven process for generating book sales ON REPEAT! And you need it, stat.

Trust me, I get it.

If we haven’t met yet, my name is Pagan Malcolm.

I’m a nine times published, bestselling author who published my debut at 19, became a bestselling author at 21, has been featured in Writer’s Digest and recommended two years in a row by The Write Life, and has been living off writing and related ventures for almost six years now.

But nobody told me about launching when I was trying to publish my first book back in 2016.

A quick Google search of "how to publish on Amazon" did not inform me that I would also need to pre-market and pre-sell the thing if I wanted to make my investments back.

So after pouring thousands of dollars into editing and cover design, throwing an awesome book launch party, and hiring some rando on Fiverr to shout-out my book to his few thousand followers… I FULLY believed this would be enough to start getting readers, rave reviews, and rake in the cash.

Instead… the book flopped, I had zero readers, and was thousands of dollars out of pocket with no return on investment.

Unfortunately, this is pretty common in our industry.

The majority of authors are struggling to launch properly, not seeing the profit they want for their hard work, constantly looking for the “missing piece” of the puzzle, feeling completely overwhelmed with an endless to-do list, and resenting their choice to be an author in the first place.

If you can relate, this is NOT what I want for you.

(Especially when my clients have been able to hit their pre-order goals, triple their launch day results, sell out in bookstores, release best selling debut novels, and quit their jobs in a single year… which only proves that it DOESN’T have to be that way for you!)

Learning how to LAUNCH our books properly is what changed the game for me and my clients, because launching is what creates product awareness, visibility, brand positioning and hype around your books.

MEANING… your soulmate readers are going to know that your book exists, understand exactly why they should buy it, and take action on their purchasing decisions quickly.

And that’s EXACTLY why I created 12 Step Book Launch: to guide you through the TRUE path of publishing and launching a profitable book that actually WORKS:

Tell me, does this seem familiar?

  • The entire publishing process feels OVERWHELMING and you’re constantly trying to keep up with all the essential steps (like readership building and your cover reveal, sourcing ARC reviews, creating pre-order incentives, all the book production steps and the uploading and distribution process…)
  • You’re struggling to balance writing the next book WHILE launching books AND marketing backlist titles… but you also realize that if you don’t stay on top of it all, there will be an eventual bottleneck in your author biz (be it a lack of income, a flopped book launch, or no more writing material left to publish!)
  • A lot of the book marketing strategies you’ve been taught in the past were far too generic or simply not applicable for fiction book marketing. Not to mention that some strategies seem to be working for some fiction authors, but NOT for you, and you can’t pinpoint why that is.
  • You’re exhausted and losing too much money to paid ads trying to follow these rapid-release strategies and momentum based marketing efforts the “big gurus” are teaching. Sure, you get some quick wins, but you’re running out of manuscripts to publish and starting to feel the pressure and stress of wearing multiple authorship hats PLUS working a day job.

Not to sound like a total cliche, BUT... what if it didn't have to be that way?

For YEARS now, my clients have been blowing up their book launch results in the best possible ways like:

🎉 Hitting their pre-order goals before their book ever hits shelves.

🔥 TRIPLING their results from previous, under-100-book-sale launches.

Cultivating better reader relationships that are a JOY to maintain and grow.

👑 Going from completely unknown to landing publicity, interviews and securing pre-orders.

🍾 Selling out in bookstores AND having books on reserve before the next batch even arrives.

🥳 Leaving their jobs and creating more writing time in a single year.

🥂 Releasing a bestselling, debut novel in just 6 months.

And this is NOT dumb luck, this is the result of the strategy and intention that goes into my signature launch process that my clients have been using.

The REAL kicker is that, unlike most experts in our industry, I’m not teaching some rapid release strategy that’s going to burn you out in a few months time, or suggesting that you price your book low and discount it to generate more sales.

These are sustainable, SCALABLE, long-term launches with WIDE distribution, more opportunities for readers to buy, and better pricing strategies so YOU get compensated well.

And. 👏 It. 👏 WORKS. 👏

Make no mistake, if this was as simple as Googling it or following all the freebies, every author would be making bank right now (instead of a miniscule, 1% of our industry.)

I coach on launching differently, and as a result my clients:

☑️ Know how to fully execute a start-to-finish launch strategy that WORKS and seamlessly blend the essential publishing and marketing steps. No more second guessing, trying to integrate steps and pivoting strategies.

☑️ Have the accountability, tools and support to set strategic launch goals that make SENSE for where they’re at and hit them consistently.

☑️ Know how to leverage their launches to build up momentum and hype so that their books sell like hot-cakes on release day AND beyond.

☑️ Know how to create a spacious launch schedule that allows for the BEST use of their time, energy and budget while still maintaining momentum with new releases.

Here’s an overview of what we’ll accomplish together inside 12 Step Book Launch:

1) Publish eBook and paperback versions of your books using my easy, 12-step process that is seamlessly integrated and taught in the program, so you know what publishing actions to take from start to finish.

2) Execute your book launches using my proven, five-phase launch framework that makes it crystal clear what stage of the book marketing journey you’re at so that you can establish your book in the market and get it seen, heard and KNOWN prior to release day.

3) Build out your reader sales process that gets you discovered by new readers, warms them up to buy your books, and converts more sales overall (AKA: your foundational sales pathway for REPEAT book sales, even after the book hits shelves.)

4) Build a powerful author brand that not only increases you and your book’s discoverability, but positions you as a go-to author in your chosen genre or niche.

5) Overcome pricing and sales objections and start earning a royalty that actually compensates you well and makes hitting your sales goals so much easier (EVEN with a small audience of readers!)

6) Nail your content and messaging strategy for book blurbs, emails and social media so that your content attracts soulmate readers effortlessly and gets them SO hyped for your book that they’re all up in your DMs asking you how they can buy and you’re hitting your pre-order goals with ease.

7) Generate raving publicity and hype for your book by cultivating reviews, landing interviews and booking events, PLUS get your book into physical bookstores and libraries.

8) Develop a rock-solid launch mindset that will hold and support you from start to finish so that you can minimize doubts, feel confident setting and hitting your ambitious launch goals, and clear any sales blocks holding you back from getting your book into the hands of more readers.

12 STEP BOOK LAUNCH is one part course, one part mastermind...


Eight core modules teaching my signature launch process (PLUS thirty bonus trainings on various topics to help you customize and expand your launch process.)

**All trainings are self-paced


Monthly group coaching calls in a private Facebook Group community, with accountability threads and my expert eyes on your launch strategy to help you implement, execute and feel fully supported every step of the way.


Along with the private community, accountability teams and private Slack channels will give you the space to collaborate, ask questions, support one another and celebrate your milestones and wins together.

This program is one of a kind in our industry...

  • It’s all the knowledge and support you could need to launch your book in one place - so you never fall victim to unreliable sources or waste hours Googling (think of it as a series of “goal-posts” that will guide you through each stage of publishing and launching.)
  • It’s one of the ONLY programs out there teaching wide distribution strategy (like the big publishers do it) in a way that sustains your time, energy and budget and creates long-term momentum and success.
  • It requires zero ad spend to get results: this course has helped countless authors to hit their pre-order goals and reach their first 1,000 sales completely organically before needing to explore paid ad strategies (and by then, you’ll have a WORKING foundation to build on.)
  • You’ll receive strategy AND mindset support: SO many experts in our industry are missing the mindset piece of the equation, which isn’t serving authors in building their BEST author brands.
  • It’s more than just a course: it’s COACHING, which is not something you can Google and will help you take what you learn inside the course and personalize it so that it works for YOU.

Built on proven frameworks:

I've spent YEARS testing and building out a simple, stackable and scalable book launching process that seamlessly combines publishing with launching so that you can balance all the steps, effectively market your new releases and lock in ongoing, post-launch book sales.

Here's an overview of the stacked frameworks that will guide your book launch journey:



8 x Core Course Modules: teaching my signature launch process that will guide you through publishing and launching your book, which has helped my clients triple their launch results and sell out in bookstores.

5 x Advanced Marketing Modules: teaching post-release marketing strategies to keep sales rolling long-term.

4 x Real Time Case Study Modules: sharing the recorded, BTS, real-time process of how I produced, published and launched my pen name book, KINGDOM OF SIRENS AND MONSTERS.

6 x Bonus Launch Modules: teaching expanded topics such as launch planning, content marketing and online launch parties to help you maximize launch results.

5 x Pre-Launch Mindset Modules: helping you to lock into your launch sales goals, shift sales blocks, let go of perfectionism, embody the energy of a bestselling author and launch like an established publisher would.

5 x Sequel Momentum Strategy Modules: teaching you how to leverage “launch events” and stack them during a sequel’s launch to keep backlist titles relevant and drive more sales overall. (**Coming in 2023)

**PLUS quarterly FAQ updates, worksheets and templates, plus timestamps & transcripts for each video module to minimize time spent researching and planning.


LIFETIME group coaching calls for a single, one-time investment (which is such a STUPID good deal that I guarantee you won’t find anywhere else and works out to an absolute fraction of what you could expect to pay me for private coaching support.)

Private Facebook Group with office hours to help you implement the course content, execute your launch strategy, and ensure my eyes are on your launch progress each month AND for years to come (because I’m not just supporting you in ONE book launch, but in building your ENTIRE backlist.)

Accountability threads that give you your top three launch priorities each month + a checklist of priority tasks to take the guesswork out of launching and help you implement your launch steps. (P.S: this also means you don’t have to rewatch every course module to know what your next step is at any given time.)

Accountability teams that you can self-sort into based on the duration of your book launch, so you can collaborate and launch with like-minded authors on the same launch timeline as you.

Private Slack chat for each accountability team that is YOUR space to ask questions, collaborate, share wins, and work together on your book launches.

They did it, so can you...

Tune into these behind-the-scenes podcast interviews where my clients dish the deets on their experience inside the program!

🍾 This epic lady quit her job in just one year and has been increasing her collective book sales with every new book release:

"Not only was it hard to find information on publishing and marketing as an indie author, but what little information that was freely available was also very conflicting.

But Pagan's method worked for me. She's thorough and a great teacher."

S.W.Raine (steampunk & fantasy author)

👑 This amazing human went from stuck on her manuscript to releasing a bestselling, debut novel in just 6 months:

"I've worked in many capacities with Pagan and all of her courses come with a wealth of publishing knowledge. Publishing my first novel would have been delayed, hard, and scary AF without my work with Pagan."

Rebecca K Sampson (YA fantasy & non-fiction author)

This absolute badass not only sold out copies in bookstores, but had copies on reserve before the second batch of books arrived:

"Five copies of my book at the store sold out and they've asked for eight more!"

Heather Hataley (NA dystopian author)


MODULE ONE - Validation Check

What's worse than a flopped launch? A book the market won't ever buy. To make sure that doesn't happen, I'm going to help you validate your book and make tweaks (if needed) without changing your entire story.

MODULE TWO - Launch Basics

Learn the psychology behind book launching and why it generates more book sales (plus, find out how to leverage your launches for massive release day success!)

MODULE THREE - Pre-launch Phase

There are things you could (and should) be doing to market your book before you've even finished writing it! In this module, I'm breaking down what those things are and how they're going to help skyrocket your launch results.

MODULE FOUR - Production Phase

This is the stage when you start turning your manuscript into an actual book, so I'm going to share what steps you need to take to do that. I'll also teach you how to do a cover reveal that maximizes your book’s visibility.

MODULE FIVE - Preparation Phase

This is the stage when you technically "publish" your book, so I'm going to walk you through, step-by-step, how to complete each book publishing step. I'll also share how you can increase your credibility and gain book reviews during this stage.

MODULE SIX - Promotion Phase

The truth is that marketing begins way back in the pre-launch stage, but this is the stage where all the pieces will be in place for you to market with. So, I'll share how to strategically utilize them to secure presales and hype people up for your launch!

MODULE SEVEN - Launch Phase

Your book is finally out... now what? There is still LOTS to do during your launch week and launch day to really maximize your sales, reach and impact. I share tangible examples of what you can be doing in this module.

MODULE EIGHT - Post-Launch Phase

Finally, how to make the MOST of your launch during the weeks that come after your book release. You'll learn the best next steps to take to keep sales rolling and discover how to build loyalty with your readers so that they come back to buy your next book(s).


👑 Advanced marketing modules to help you maintain sales after release day. We’ll dive into marketing, publicity, sales, business and sales mindset.

👑 Real time case study modules to show you HOW I went about branding my pen name, building readership from scratch, setting up my book listings, optimizing my online presence, deciding on book titles, crafting book blurbs, executing my marketing and email strategies, sourcing my editors and cover designers and MORE.

👑 Sequel momentum strategy modules to help you build momentum and leverage your backlist titles to drive MORE sales and traffic to new releases. We’ll dive into balancing front end and back end marketing strategy, strategic backlist planning, using “launch events” to build momentum, audiobook creation and running paid ads.

👑 Pre-launch mindset modules to help you minimize doubts, feel confident setting and hitting your ambitious launch goals, and clear any sales blocks holding you back from getting your book into the hands of more readers.

Enrollment is now open year round but prices WILL be going up as I add new modules and content (which, let’s be real, is like every six months so I wouldn’t wait!)

This program guides you through the EXACT process I’ve worked on repeat for YEARS that has enabled me to sell more books (at full price) even with a small audience, simplify and automate my book marketing efforts, hire team members to support my growth, and build genuine connections and community with my readers who are ACTUALLY reading and enjoying my books.

I really show up for you in this space and if I’m honest? You showing up fully by doing the work, attending the calls and using the accountability threads & team chat is HOW you’re going to get the kinds of results my clients are getting (aka: hitting pre-order goals, selling out in bookstores, releasing bestselling books, etc.)

That’s why the investment is a reflection of the amazing structure and inclusions we’ve added to give you that level of support, and a reflection of the commitment level I expect in return.

All that being said, if you want to master your book launches and you’re SO ready to go all in and make it happen, then I CANNOT wait to welcome you inside!


You can either enroll in *just* the course and keep lifetime access to all the trainings and content, or you can enroll in the course AND mastermind experience to also get the ongoing coaching, accountability and implementation support.

**Note: You can upgrade anytime

  • Lifetime course access.
  • Eight core modules teaching you my signature 12 step launch process.
    $2,000 value
  • Five additional modules teaching you advanced book marketing strategies.
    $2,000 value
  • Eleven bonus trainings to solidify your launch mindset and maximize results.
    $1,750 value
  • CASE STUDY: how I created + launched my pen name book (recorded in real time!)
    $1,250 value
  • Workbooks & resources to help you save time and nail your launch.
    $500 value

Total value = $7,500


**Ongoing coaching, lifetime access

  • Lifetime course and mastermind access.
  • Eight core modules teaching you my signature 12 step launch process.
    $2,000 value
  • Five additional modules teaching you advanced book marketing strategies.
    $2,000 value
  • Eleven bonus trainings to solidify your launch mindset and maximize results.
    $1,750 value
  • CASE STUDY: how I created + launched my pen name book (recorded in real time!)
    $1,250 value
  • Workbooks & resources to help you save time and nail your launch.
    $500 value
  • 12 x Q&A style group coaching calls per year - AKA lifetime access to coaching (plus, updated FAQ's from past rounds)
    $1,200 value
  • Lifetime access to the private Facebook Group community to access the accountability threads and have my expert eyes on your book launch process.
    $500 value
  • Private Slack chat for you and your accountability team for additional support, collaboration and community.

Total value = $9,200

COURSE TIER INVESTMENT = $797 pay in full (6 and 12 month payment plan options available)


MASTERMIND TIER INVESTMENT = $997 pay in full (6 and 12 month payment plan options available)


This is not a one-and-done program that you’ll go through once and never look at again.

This is a program designed to support you through countless launches. Together, we’re going to launch your entire book series over the next couple of years and build an established author brand that will still be around and earning money in ten years time.

So, if you’re ready to be guided through the EXACT launch process that has helped my clients to triple their launch results and sell out in bookstores, and get lifetime coaching support that will change your book launches forever, then it’s time to enroll:

"When I released my first book, I didn't have any help with my copy or marketing. With Pagan's help, I released my second book with more than triple the success of my first!"

Allison Rose (YA fantasy author)

"Highly recommend Pagan for anyone who is considering getting some expert knowledge behind them."

Rhianne Williams (fantasy author)

"This course held my hand and guided me through the publishing process. Pagan's guidance and down-to-earth personality made everything feel so easy."

Jo Narayan (paranormal author)

You're gonna walk away with:

  • A book that you know is going to sell.
  • Clarity on who your ideal reader is and how to connect with them.
  • The skills to self-publish your book.
  • A clear and simple book launch strategy that skyrockets your results.
  • The skills to plan your book launches and book marketing in a simple and effective way.
  • Basic and advanced sales psychology knowledge and marketing strategies for your book.
  • The skills to get book reviews, do cover reveals, host author events and more!

In my world, we do things differently...

I coach on sustainable, SCALABLE, completely organic and long-term launch strategies with WIDE distribution, more opportunities for readers to buy, and better pricing strategies so YOU get compensated well and have more time to execute all the to-dos.

This looks like:

  • Trading rapid release strategy for a more easeful, spacious and flowy launch process that creates sustainability and scalability over time (because as a nine times published, bestselling author who did it in six years and has been full-time in authorship for most of that… I can confidently tell you that longer launches are NOT a slow path to success. 😉)
  • Charging FULL price for your books, getting fully compensated for your work, selling more books than ever before, making MORE profit without needing a huge audience, and actually having the resources and budget to *keep* publishing books and leverage your momentum.
  • Leveraging organic, attraction marketing strategies and only spending 10% of your income on book marketing support when you WANT the extra support (like a contract-based social media manager or the occasional book blitz for added exposure.) No paid ads or huge ad budget required.
  • Having a diversified income model that leverages online AND offline book sales, front end AND back end marketing processes, so your eggs are never in one basket and there’s LOTS of potential income streams should your Instagram get hacked mid-launch or your Amazon account get deleted (looking at you, KDP exclusive authors. 👀)

And this is WITHOUT exhausting your precious time, energy and budget trying to maintain momentum through rapid release strategies and discount book pricing that leaves you with pennies per sale.

So, if you’re ready to start working smarter and not harder, see BETTER profits for your efforts, and completely collapse the timeline to you achieving your most ambitious authorly goals and going full-time in authorship? This program is for you.

This program IS for you if you:

  • Intend to self-publish at least one book (this is not for traditionally published authors.)
  • Recognise the value of investing in your books (e.g. hiring editors, cover designers, etc.)
  • Believe in your books and are ready to start treating your books like a biz (not a hobby.)
  • Are ready and willing to show up, market yourself and establish your author brand.
  • Are willing to utilise social media (this course teaches you organic marketing methods, meaning we don't do paid ads. So if you resent social media, I would try another course.)
  • Care about getting your books into the hands of more readers (not just making money.)
  • But on that note, believe that money = impact, and are 100% READY to be paid for your creative work so that you can reach more readers.
  • Have a finished (or near finished) manuscript that you plan to publish this year.

However, it's not for you if...

  • You value money saved over having more time and sanity. Because if you would RATHER spend countless hours Googling, sitting in frustration and second guessing every launch step, you are more than welcome to do that. But investing in a proven, sustainable and SCALABLE strategy that saves you time, guesswork, overwhelm and actually works is going to serve you far better in the long term (said from experience!)
  • You prefer experiencing doubt, stress, imposter syndrome and the entire emotional rollercoaster of launching, and ESPECIALLY going through those emotions alone. Because who cares if you’re miserable, feel stuck in the process and KNOW your books aren’t being read by readers if you’re at least saving a few dollars by not hiring the right support to get you where you want to be, right?
  • You don’t *really* believe your books can sell and that you can have a career in books. You were just on this page for giggles and after this, you plan to go stick your amazing manuscript back in a drawer for another thirty years and stay miserable at the 9 - 5 job you despise.


Is this for me?

This is for you if you are READY to master your book launches, you intend to self-publish, you deeply desire to have a career in authorship and you KNOW you’d like personalized support on your journey from someone who has been there, done it all.

What's the investment?

The total investment is $797 for the self-paced course, or $1,200 for the course and mastermind, with two payment plan options for each tier (see further down.)

I FULLY expect that when people invest at this level and join this program, they are READY to treat their books like a business and that includes making decisions like a publisher and investing in editors, cover designs and support along the way. And that’s because this program is going to set you up for long-term marketing success and help you build the foundations and systems that you can use to grow and scale.

I've taken other programs, how is this different?

I totally hear you in this, and this is what I pride myself on doing differently:

  • I blend publishing and book marketing tasks seamlessly to create more ease and less overwhelm in my client’s launch process (that’s the magic of my signature course structure and my teaching style that you won’t find anywhere else!)
  • I coach on sustainable, long-term strategies that will keep your brand established for years to come, instead of quick “momentum based” wins that will keep you relevant for five minutes until you burn out.
  • We plan for your long-term vision and success, because my clients are people who intend to be established, well-known authors and make careers out of it.
  • All of my courses and programs run on personally designed and tested frameworks and process that allow you to personalize your own approach to launching, instead of cookie cutter strategies that only work for *some* people.
  • I’m all about strategy, mindset AND implementation, and my programs are structured to give you well-rounded launch support in all three areas. Because Googling launch strategies is one thing, but being able to hold your energy and mindset for the entire duration of a launch, stay accountable and focused, and implement with consistency is a WHOLE other ball-game.

The support in this program is unlike anything you’ll find in any other course, period. It’s highly personalized, well structured and organized, and for the price point and value included (as well as lifetime access and future updates at NO additional cost), it’s just a no-brainer investment.

How is the course material different to other book publishing & marketing programs?

Content wise, I will say that we focus on organic, attraction marketing based marketing strategies, there’s a big emphasis on structure and systems, and I encourage my clients to go wide distribution with their books.

That being said, I have a couple of KDP exclusive authors in this course getting AMAZING results who are exclusive to Amazon, do rapid release strategy and run paid ads.

So the course is not one size fits all, it’s just based on a different approach with different values to support the teachings. The magic of the coaching aspect is that you get that personalized support to take what you learn and build out your OWN launch process.

What is the time commitment?

You have the content for life, and it’s self-paced, so the time commitment really depends on how short or long you plan your book launches and how much time you’ve giving yourself to implement and execute (this is why we plan out our launches strategically inside the course.)

Also, what makes working with me different is that I’m a business coach for authors, with a business based perspective and approach. So inside this course, I help you manage your resources, treat your writing like a biz and outsource when needed so that you’re NOT having to do it all yourself, in case you were worried about committing yourself to too much work.

To be clear: this course is not a done-for-you service. You have to be willing and ready to show up and do the work to get to a point of scalability first. But receiving the CLARITY around said work is also what’s helping my clients to triple their launch results, sell out in bookstores, hit their pre-order goals and collapse the timeline to their authorly goals.

What if I don't plan to launch a book anytime soon?

Then you're actually in a better position to join this course right now because there are still things you can be doing before you publish and launch your book to secure sales and readership (all taught in the pre-launch modules) and the MORE time you give yourself to implement these steps? The bigger and better your end results will be!

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, I highly value making my programs as accessible as possible:


  • 6 x monthly payments of $139
  • 12 x monthly payments of $69


  • 6 x monthly payments of $210
  • 12 x monthly payments of $105

OR, apply for a POC/equity scholarship here. (This doesn’t guarantee you a spot, but I *am* able to give out two scholarships per year.)

**Please note that if you pick a payment plan option, the course content will be dripped out gradually until you have paid the entire fee of the program. If you have a launch coming up sooner rather than later and would like to get instant access to everything, I recommend paying in full.


I don't do refunds on any digital content that can be consumed in full then returned and quite frankly, neither should you (*cough* eBooks *cough*)

How long do I keep access to the content?

Forever, including all future updates at no additional cost.

More questions?

No worries! Email me at pagan[at] or book in a quick, Program Clarification Call here.

There are lots of experts in our industry that can teach you book launching (and heck, lots of authors who can do it too!)

But what sets me apart the MOST is that I specialize in helping authors treat their writing like a business so that they’re still around and PROFITABLE in five to ten years time. And that’s why I coach on launching with a sustainability focus and help you build out the essential foundations and processes that are going to SUPPORT you in your growth.

Because short term fame on Kindle is nice and all, but long term sustainability is how household names are made. 😉

Real talk time.

I know that you did not write your book just so that nobody could read it.

I also know that you've invested time and energy into making it the best book possible.

That's why I want your launch to succeed, from the bottom of my heart.

I know what it's like to spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on a book, only for it to totally flop.

I can tell you from experience that I spent more money trying to fix my own launch mistakes starting out, than you will spend on the sole investment of this course.

But the truth is that you have three options here:

  • You can hire a marketing expert or publicist to promote every book you ever launch, which is going to set you back thousands of dollars time and time again, and you won’t have a clue how to market without them. They’ll become a crutch you rely on, rather than a luxury you can outsource.
  • You can keep going it alone, guessing your way through book marketing and hope that you make sales at the end (that is, if you haven’t lost your sanity trying to navigate the publishing process while you’re at it.)
  • Or, you can make a one-time investment in this tested and proven program, which will equip you with the skills to publish and launch for the rest of your career. With lifetime updates and support, this program will pay for itself over and over, and you will be wildly more successful (and wealthier) for it!

So, do yourself a favor and join 12 Step Book Launch.

Your future, bestselling self will thank you for it.


You can either enroll in *just* the course and keep lifetime access to all the trainings and content, or you can enroll in the course AND mastermind experience to also get the ongoing coaching, accountability and implementation support.

COURSE TIER INVESTMENT = $797 pay in full (6 and 12 month payment plan options available)

MASTERMIND TIER INVESTMENT = $997 pay in full (6 and 12 month payment plan options available)